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Royal palaces, colossal cathedrals, sumptuous historic centers: the great cities of the Baltic Sea bear witness to its rich past, where empires and royalty displayed their power. There remain today exceptional monuments by their gigantism and the richness of their ornaments, which integrate into the modern and peaceful life of urban hearts conducive to pretty walks. 

Between Russia, the Baltic States and Scandinavia, a cruise in the Baltic Sea is an opportunity to trace the history of a Europe where royal and imperial families reigned over territories with a dense culture. This heritage heritage can be found today in all the major cities of the region.

Walk around old town Stockholm

Located on the island of Gamla Stan, at the water's edge, the old town of Stockholm includes a set of buildings and typical narrow cobbled streets. We come here to take the pulse of an astonishing city as much as to visit the oldest cathedral in the city and, of course, the royal palace . If you can't browse the 608 rooms of this impressive building, you will still be charmed by the royal apartments in Baroque and Rococo style. Not far away, the town hall watches over the Swedish capital like a beacon. Every year, it hosts the banquet given on the occasion of the Nobel Prize ceremony.

Revel in the medieval city of Tallin - Estonia

A city on a human scale, the capital of Estonia has managed to preserve a remarkable medieval historic centre . It is also pleasant to visit the upper town with its watchtowers, its squares and cobbled streets crowned with old vaults as well as its superb Russian Orthodox church dating from 1900. To continue and appreciate this dive into Tallinn's past , nothing better than attending an Estonian folklore show afterwards.

The wonders of St Petersburg - Russia

Saint Petersburg has been dubbed the "Venice of the North" due to its many canals that run through it. Also, taking a panoramic boat trip remains one of the best ways to discover the city's many palaces and castles (Stroganov, Anichkov, etc.), witnesses of the city's splendor in past centuries. Once on land, the enchantment continues with a visit to many unmissable monuments such as the rich Youssoupov Palace, Saint Isaac's Cathedral or the emblematic Saint-Sauveur-du-Sang-Sé cathedral.

The Hermitage Museum - St Petersburg, Russia

The architecture of the Hermitage Museum , one of the largest museums in the world, is in itself exceptional. From the outside, the green, white and gold façade, the monumental columns and pediments set the tone. When you enter the buildings (Théâtre de l'Ermitage, Petit Ermitage, Grand Ermitage, New Hermitage, Winter Palace or Palace of the General Staff) you find yourself faced with a debauchery of luxury and a magnificence of decorations. Monumental staircases, colonnades, floors adorned with marble or sumptuous parquet floors, walls adorned with moldings, gilding, mosaics, bas-reliefs and other paintings serve nearly 1,000 rooms spread over 66,000 m2 open to the public and presenting more than 60,000 works selected from the 3 million pieces kept by the museum.

Treat yourself to a slice of rural Finland

If the Finnish capital reveals many charms, an unusual visit is essential on the island of Seurasaari , a few kilometers from the city center. It is this green space that ethnologist Axel Olai Heikel chose to bring together no less than 85 buildings (houses, farms, mill, cafe and shop). Collected from all over the country, reassembled on the island and faithfully decorated, these buildings give a glimpse of daily life between the 17th and the beginning of the 20th century in Finland.

Land and canals of Riga - Latvia

From the Daugava River, which crosses Riga , a commented boat trip gives you a first idea of ​​the city, its historic heart with its towers, castle, monuments and parks. To deepen the visit, nothing better than to then walk to the center of the Latvian capital. The Dome Cathedral is worth a visit for its impressive 6,700-pipe organ. On the town hall square, the Saint-Pierre church with its bell tower or the Maison des Têtes Noires are worth a visit.

Stoll through Copenhagen - Denmark

From Copenhagen , we especially know the iconic statue of the Little Mermaid. But the Danish capital will surprise more than one visitor. In the pedestrian streets of the city center , designer boutiques, art galleries, cafes and tea rooms provide beautiful walks. The solemnity of the royal palace of Amalienborg , the jubilation of the Tivoli gardens and the tranquility of the quays of Nyhavn confirm the fact that Copenhagen is a multiple, lively city where it is good to stop over.


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